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Film Specific is a specialized coaching community and training resource for independent filmmakers who want to accelerate the financing and distribution of their projects.

We provide independent filmmakers with critical guidance, market insights and intelligence to build their careers, expand their opportunities and grow their reach.

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The FILM MARKET LAB is a bootcamp created for filmmakers who want to use the power of the international film markets to move their projects in development forward or get their completed films into the hands of sales agents or in front of buyers...but don't know where to begin the journey to actually GET YOUR FILM THERE. . . . More

Investor Pitfalls: The Biggest Mistakes Investors Make and How to Avoid ThemInvestor Pitfalls: The Biggest Mistakes Investors Make and How to Avoid Them
In this webinar we discuss the biggest mistakes investors make when investing in films and how to avoid them. . . . More

The Pitfalls of Distribution: How to Avoid ThemThe Pitfalls of Distribution: How to Avoid Them
Film distribution is notoriously filled with pitfalls and horror stories abound. The key is to avoid getting into a bad deal in the first place since there's very little you can do once the deal is signed. . . . More

Cannes 2015 Wrap Up & TakeawaysCannes 2015 Wrap Up & Takeaways
In this FS members webinar Film Specific founder Stacey Parks discusses her marketplace takeaways from the 2015 Cannes Film Market. . . . More