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Introducing the Film Specific Movie Gallery...a new benefit for our PREMIUM members!

One of the most confusing and difficult areas of distribution for most filmmakers is foreign sales. Unless you are prepared for and can attend one of the many film markets, such as AFM, Cannes, or Berlin, it is difficult to self-distribute to foreign territories without a little help. Just reaching foreign buyers can often be a big hurdle. They often need to have a professional relationship with someone to really pay attention. So we have launched Film Specific Movie Gallery. Film Specific Movie Gallery is NOT a sales agency. In fact it's an alternative to the sales agency and an invaluable resource which puts our members films right in front of distributors!

It's often difficult for filmmakers to directly reach international distributors. Film Specific founder Stacey Parks has years of experience as a foreign sales agent. She knows the ropes and, most importantly, she knows the buyers. With Film Specific Movie Gallery, Stacey aims to leverage the solid relationships she's cultivated over the years with buyers from all over the give them access to your films!

There are no sales commissions, no marketing fees to repay, no contracts...Film Specific just introduces worldwide distributors to our Premium members' films.

Film Specific Movie Gallery is non-exclusive. You retain all rights for your film when you list. We give buyers access to your film and if they're interested you take care of the rest. (You can cancel at anytime and remove your film from our MOVIE GALLERY.

In this highly competitive marketplace, we know how hard it is for filmmakers to be seen by buyers. With this upgrade in service, now more than ever before, our members can leverage our relationships with worldwide buyers to draw attention to their films to get distribution!

So how does it work?

• We send our monthly blast out to distributors all over the world and direct them to our FILM SPECIFIC MOVIE GALLERY

• There they will be able to see your film's poster and once they click on the link they'll be able to read your film's synopsis.

• If a buyer is interested in your film, then a simple click on your film's poster will link them directly to your film's website, or online marketplace, such as withoutabox rightsxchange or inDplay.

• If a buyer is interested in learning more about your film, the rights available, or wants to request a screener, they will contact you directly. And you handle the rest! (You have no further obligation to Film Specific.)

Visit the FILM SPECIFIC MOVIE GALLERY to see current member films.

This opportunity is only avalable to new and exisiting Premium Members.

To become a PREMIUM member or upgrade to PREMIUM membership USE OUR SECURE SUBSCRIPTION FORM

Film Specific is a subscription members-only community. See our MEMBER BENEFITS to learn more about all the benefits of Film Specific membership.

DISCLAIMERS: Listing in the Movie Gallery is for Premium members only • Only film posters, synopsis of films, and links to the sites related to the film referenced in the artwork are allowed to be uploaded in the Film Specific Movie Gallery. No other commercial posts will be allowed. And any other postings will be rejected • Film Specific reserves the right to remove any offensive, inappropriate, unlawful or otherwise objectionable material posted in the Movie Gallery and reserves the right to deny access to the Movie Gallery to members who post such material • Film Specific reserves the right to approve all artwork, synopsis, and weblinks before it is made public and will not post material which does not meet approval • Film Specific reserves the right to refuse to link from artwork posted in the Movie Gallery to a third-party website which contans illigal, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate content • Listing your film in our Movie Gallery constitutes that you are authorizing Film Specific to publicly display the artwork, synopsis, and relevant link to your film • Film Specific does NOT allow members to embed automatic downloads to trailers, films, or any other materials anywhere on the Film site (even if it is hosted by a third-party). All such postings will be removed. • Utilizing the services of Film Specific Movie Gallery constitutes that you understand Film Specific will not negotiate or advise on contracts or terms of deal if you are approached by a distributor. Film Specific does not endorse nor have nay affiliation with any distributor who might contact you as a result of your film being posted in Film Specific and assumes no liability in your dealings with any and all distributors. Furthermore, Film Specific makes no guarantees, either stated or implied, that by posting your film on Film Specific you will be contacted by or have any dealings with any distributors as a result. Distributors operate independently and therefore we have no control over them, their choices, or your dealings with them should they decide to contact you for any reason.

Ready to get going?

• First, USE OUR SECURE SUBSCRIPTION FORM to join Film Specific and list your film in our Movie Gallery.

• Then just click on the link below to upload your film's artwork, synopsis, and link into the Movie Gallery.