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VOD Windows Virtual Seminar

As the popularity of VOD and digital distribution grows and grows, the rules are being rewritten fast - releasing windows are now emerging, certain distribution platforms are looking for exclusives, and some platforms are even limiting direct to consumer sales.

In this seminar VOD expert and digital aggregator Linda Nelson of IndieRights walks us through many of the changes taking place within the VOD landscape and discusses the emergence of digital release windows.

In this seminar Linda discusses:

  • The importance of a windowing strategy for VOD and digital platform releases
  • Suggested release windows for films without broadcast/cable VOD release
  • Suggested release windows for films with broadcast/cable VOD releases
  • What to do on your own vs. what to do with an aggregator and when
  • Timing of DTA platform releases including Vimeo, sites like ReelHouse, Chill, KinoNation, etc.

This seminar is in audio format
Scroll down for download instructions

Want to know more about digital releasing for independent films?


Indie Rights is the distribution arm of Nelson Madison Films. Based on the experience of founders, Linda Nelson and Michael Madison, the need for a new type of distribution for independent films is evident. Thousands of great independent films are made each year and never find an audience. They play at film festivals all over the world and are never discovered by the sales agents and distributors that frequent only the top tier festivals, such as Sundance and Cannes. These festivals used to be filled with fresh original voices from new talent, but now act as advertising vehicles for ?classic divisions? of major studios or showcases for already established actors, directors and producers. Film markets, like AFM, are too costly and complex for most independent filmmakers.

Indie Rights offers distribution services to filmmakers who have feature-length films that have not found an audience. We also arrange licensing of film content to qualified buyers. Finding an audience for your independent films has never been easier. New ditigal distribution platforms exist that will allow you to benefit directly from your work. Indie Rights was formed to help you find your audience. Much of the work can be done by you, but if you want or need help distributing your film, we can provide that help.

Indie Rights specializes in digital distribution and has excellent relationships with all the major platforms so that your film can be available to audiences through such popular platforms as iTunes, Hulu, Playstation, YouTube Rentals, Snagfilms, and Vudu as well as the most popular apps for Facebook including FilmDemic. Our services are non-exclusive, we charge no up-front fees and we work with all our filmmakers to educate them about the use of the most innovative marketing and social media tools available for marketing independent film.