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By joining our global community you'll immediately shortcut your efforts by gaining access to our world class tools, resources, and training to fast track your results.

It's one thing to talk about what you need to raise financing, find distribution and engage audiences. It's another thing entirely to do it. At Film Specific we aim to do something a little different - we focus on the how. We take a pragmatic approach to navigating financing, distribution and marketing processes for independent filmmakers.

Through our community-based environment and comprehensive trainings and resources, you'll gain the clarity you need to get your projects made, seen, and distributed - and fast track your career. Best of all, every tool, resource, and training on Film Specific is 100% virtual so you can put it all to use no matter where you live. But don't take our word for it, see what our members say.

Monthly Membership
$249/year - SAVE $99
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Ongoing Training

In-depth webinars and "virtual" seminars with experts in the field exploring the most pertinent issues and industry trends affecting filmmakers today.

Multimedia Training Library

A comprehensive library of multimedia training, including webinars, tutorials, virtual seminars, and in-depth step-by-step guides, covering all aspects of film financing, marketing, and distribution.

Community Discussion Forums

The heart and soul of Film Specific. We offer ongoing support for filmmakers at all stages of production, a vibrant global community of serious and dedicated filmmakers, networking and collaboration opportunities and on-staff experts to get your questions answered

Online Sales Agency & Distributor Databases

Our handpicked proprietary databases of worldwide sales agents and distributors who acquire independent films, complete with direct contact details

Sales Projection Charts

The most current revenue estimates straight from the trenches of the independent film marketplace

Sample Contracts

Our library of sample sales agency and distribution agreements

Members Only Discounts

Special discounts on everything from E&O insurance to Legal Services, Design Services, and more.

Distribution In Reverse Digital Bootcamp

This multi-part on-demand virtual intensive program is focused on teaching independent filmmakers how to get their projects off the ground and plan for distribution at every stage of the production process. Distribution In Reverse is our flagship bootcamp covering how to integrate your film's distribution into every part of the production process - all the way from the script stage.


Film Financing 2.0 Essential Training Digital Bootcamp

This multi-part on-demand virtual intensive program is focused on teaching independent filmmakers how to get their films financed and into production - from the types of financing available to constructing financing plans to applying the various models to their films.


Distribution Accelerator Digital Bootcamp

This multi-part on-demand virtual intensive program provides filmmakers with the knowledge and tools they need to get their completed films in front of distributors, sales agents, and audiences.


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Once you sign up, you'll receive immediate access to the site so you can start putting it to use right away. After that you will get updates on what's happening on the site, the new resources available and upcoming virtual seminars. But best of all, our seminars are recorded and resources archived so you can access everything on-demand, at your own convenience, from anywhere you wish.

What If, For Any Reason, I Need to Cancel?
No problem. All you have to do is log into your account and follow the prompts to cancel at any time, and you won't be charged again. It's that simple.

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What our subscribers say about Film Specific... is an online resource focused primarily on offering distribution-related training to independent filmmakers and producers. All membership materials are available on the Film Specific website. No membership materials, unless otherwise explicitly stated, will be mailed to you. is an educational resource. is NOT a sales agency, distributor, financier, ratings or financials reporting or research service, box office collections and reporting service, legal resource, or referral service, nor do we have affiliations with any of the aforementioned. In addition, a FIlm Specific membership in no way implies Film Specific will negotiate or advise in any way on the contracts or legal issues of any member. We do not offer this service. For a listing of the resources Film Specific offers please see the Member Benefits chart above.