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Establishing Realistic Revenue Projections For Your Film Virtual Seminar

Most filmmakers approach filmmaking with a "build it and they will come mentality." And they raise money with this mentality as well, doing so with a lack of understanding of how films earn revenue in the marketplace (hint: for indies it's not through box office) and how much revenue they typically earn through various distribution channels.

Furthermore, most filmmakers underestimate how important it is to research and understand realistic revenue projections for their films so they can "back into" their budget before raising the financing. Not only is this approach responsible and ethical fundraising but it can also exponentially increase the chances of your film securing financing since the likelihood of your investors seeing a return increases. Additionally, when an investor sees a return on one film they may be more likely to invest in a future project.

In this virtual seminar with Film Specific founder Stacey Parks, we look at how to establish realistic revenue projections for your film - from assessing your project's elements to responsible budgeting to how to use projections as a baseline to build a sound financing plan for your film.

This seminar is in audio format
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