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We offer a range of consultancy services for independently produced projects at every stage of production - from conceptualization to finished films.

PRESENTING GLOBAL PRODUCERS Global Producers is a small group coaching program composed of highly motivated and serious writers, directors and producers that I've curated into a specialized network and community. Global Producers was conceptualized to be a full service consultancy for our clients, one that encompasses advisory services for films at every stage - from script to finished film. It's a one-stop shop- with services are tailored on a project-specific basis to each client. . . . More
Comprehensive Distribution Consulting - Producer Repping Services
Comprehensive Distribution Consulting - Producer Repping Services An in-depth one-on-one, 90 day program to develop and execute your film's distribution strategy. In today's marketplace filmmakers need to take into consideration a strategy that encompasses both traditional and non-traditional methods for distributing their film. Each film is unique and every film needs its own customized strategy that includes both traditional and alternative distribution - to exploit the best elements of both traditional and alternative distribution, while weeding out the worst.We'll create a viable strategy to get your film in front of distributors, and audiences and help you position your film for sales, then guide you through its implementation. . . . More
Comprehensive Development Consulting
 Comprehensive Development Consulting 3-6 Month Development Services Consulting . . . More
Film Market Consulting - EFM & Cannes 2015
Film Market Consulting - EFM & Cannes 2015 The Film Market Consulting Program is a private, three-month one-on-one consultancy for filmmakers who want to harness the power of the international film markets to get their completed films to market. . . . More