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Filmmaker Hunter Weeks discusses self-distributing his film 10 MPH, the story of a classic American roadtrip from Seattle to Boston...all on a Segway scooter. To date, Hunter and his filmmaking partner, Josh Caldwell, have done a DIY theatrical tour for their film, sold well over 4,000 DVD's, have downloaded almost 1,000 copies of their film from their website, and have retail partnerships with Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon, and others.

Hunter fills us in on what he did to get the word about his film, the hurdles he faced and overcame, how he went about learning the process of how distribution really works and how he made and continues to make his self-distribution efforts a big success. Hunter even tells us how our very own Self-Distribution Starter Kit inspired him in the process.

This case study covers a lot of ground, including:

  • How they garnered major press coverage for 10 MPH
  • How he built and continues to build a story around his film
  • How he did a DIY theatrical release tour
  • Some of the different tools he used to build awareness of his film
  • How he used corporate sponsorship
  • His thoughts on why his film was poised to succeed with self-distribution
  • What he would have done differently
  • How he lined up retail partneships with Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon and others


- Check out the 10 MPH site at

- Learn about the Self-Distribution Starter Kit here